Our Clients

At Greenhouse Ventures Ltd, we take pride in making sure every individual has access to the values of our products and service irrespective of their socioeconomic status.



We are positioned to provide several government and private institutions with state of art solutions for their agricultural needs. Such solutions are not only limited to greenhouses but systems that will ameliorate agriculture and foster rural development.


We have modeled ways to get involved with several clients on franchise basis. Both parties make certain mutually beneficial agreements for a limited period of time on a specific farm site. Such agreements are defined on individual basis. Ask us about it

Shops, Supermarkets and other Retailers:

Based on demands, we are able to supply large quantities of certain produce at specific times through out the year to any retail or wholesale outlet.


Both parties make certain long-term mutually beneficial agreements for the basis of working together on a specific farm site.


We have made our produce available to various customers in different settings. Every customer can have access to any of our produce by placing an order in person, by phone or online. We are always positioned to meet every clients needs