Our Farms

Prideland Farms, Mbengwi, Cameroon
Prideland Farms is the first of our farms. Located in the Government Residential Area(GRA) of Mbengwi, the farm carries two large greenhouses and two small. The farm site also manages 5 other small greenhouses in the area.
Bongob Farms, Bamenda, Cameroon
Bongob Farms is one of our franchise farms. It is located at Upstation Bamenda and is involved in the cultivation of a variety of vegetables ranging from tomatoes, lettuce, cabbages, cucumbers and much more.
Sango Farms, Bali, Cameroon
Located in the village of Bali in the North West region, these farms are used for the production of vegetables
Bamenda University of Science and Technology, Bambui, Cameroon
BUST is the first university in Cameroon to acquire our greenhouses. The University pride’s itself as leading sustainable agriculture through the use of our greenhouses and other agricultural technologies and process
University of Dschang, Dschang, Cameroon
The University uses its greenhouse for the research on several vegetables and seeds.
Horti Floral Institute, Buea, Cameroon
We introduced our greenhouses in Buea through the Horti Floral Institute. They are into the cultivation of several vegetables and provide training to several students.

Our Other Farms