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Food Economics & The Cameroonian Diaspora


In 2015, the Cameroonian Diaspora sent back home a whooping 585billion FCFA according to World Bank statistics. Over 60% of that amount was spent on food and health.

In this statistics, the diaspora treats food and health as independent and unconnected variables. However a report by the World Bank indicates that each African household could save more than 300thousandFCFA yearly on health costs by making better health and dietary food choices. Hence there is a relationship between good food, healthy living and saving costs.

At GreenHouse Ventures, we are committed to enhancing the value of the money sent by the diaspora by growing and providing fresh and healthy food to family members back home. GHV grows organic fresh produce that meets standard food and health qualities free from the chemicals of commercialised goods. Our tomatoes, cucumbers, ball peppers and others offer dietary and nutritional benefits that keeps consumers healthy.

The promise of GHV to the diaspora market is in the following areas:

# growing quality food to meet the specific health and dietary needs of family members in Cameroon.

# personal home deliveries through an established and extensive network system across the main towns in Cameroon, saving time, money offering convenience.

# ensuring traceability and accountability of money sent by the diaspora in aspects of healthy food.

Making the right food economics decisions will save extra money sent by the diaspora and allow investment in other areas. At GHV, we call that collaborative shared value with a win-win situation for all stakeholders.




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