Project Summary

A vast body of research has shown that foreign aid has done very little to spur economic growth in Africa (Moyo 2009). This has been explained by the fact that individuals and donor organizations have been focused on a model that seeks to feed the beneficiaries rather than models that teach them how fetch what to feed on. As such, beneficiaries have become reliant and dependent on the largess of these donors, which only further deepens their dependence on charity and aid.

One orphanage, One greenhouse

Evidently, there is a need to provide basic resources to a needy population but the model must be sustainable for such resources to have value and have an impact. This is why at Greenhouse Ventures Foundation; we have introduced the One Orphanage One Greenhouse (1O – 1G) project with the sole purpose of subsidizing affordable greenhouses for orphanages in Cameroon, Africa. The Foundation will set the greenhouses at the orphanages and also train the orphans in greenhouse farming. It will also provide them with seeds and monitoring from time to time to assure their successes in the ventures. For a period of two years, the Foundation will enter into an agreement with the orphanages to buy back any excess foods they will produce.

Therefore, these orphanages will grow and consume their own food, earn revenues from the sales of their excess harvests, learn how to manage their operations - skills that are transferable and hopefully be useful in the establishment of their own ventures with support from Greenhouse Ventures company. The company will also provide these orphans with capacity building training to enable them gain capacities that will enable them to succeed in real life. After the 2 years period, these orphanages will then become independent and will make decisions to grow and manage their produce in ways they see fit. 


Helping Hand’s Children’s Home, Bambui, Cameroon