A 2012 study by the National Institute of Health shows that orphans and orphanages in Cameroon have received so much attention in the last decade - so many resources have been allocated for their sustainability but very little progress has been achieved in the efforts. This can be explained by the fact that resources have rather been dumped upon these orphans and orphanages rather than being allocated in ways that will enable them to become sustainable in their livelihoods. Individuals and donors are unable to effectively monitor and evaluate the use of their contributions.

Countries like Cameroon and other African countries have primitive or traditional systems that cannot properly monitor the use and allocation of resources for these orphans and orphanages. Moreso, the idea of aid to Cameroon and Africa is still very unsustainable because most of them still go by the model of trying to feed the orphans rather than promoting ways that will enable them feed themselves.

Value Proposition of Technology

Through this project, we will provide greenhouses of the same standards with our commercial products. Orphanages will get green houses that have the following characteristics;

  • Ability to grow a wide variety of crops year round
  • Ability to grow in organic and non organic medium
  • Growing time is reduced by 35%
  • More harvest per area by up to 120%
  • Special design for every ecological zone
  • Technology is built to last over 15 years
  • Special plastic with life span of 10+ years
  • Culturally compatible, user and environmentally friendly technology
  • Fewer farming inputs required
  • Water usage reduced by 45% - 75%M
  • Highly effective in development initiatives
  • Can be used in seed multiplication and purification
  • Can be used in plantain propagation
  • Can be used as drying unit for a variety of crops
  • Protects crops from harsh environment – rains & winds
  • Creates a microclimate around crops to grow effectively
  • Advantages greatly outweighs outdoors agriculture
  • Greenhouses take away the pain/strain from agriculture


If most orphanages in Cameroon owned a greenhouse:

  • They will learn to grow their own food,
  • They will cultivate and feed on high quality food,
  • They will be healthy and build wealth from making sales,
  • They will build capacities to transfer in real life,
  • They will become less reliant on aid and charity from donors.
  • They will not become a burden to our society anymore,
  • They will not be classified a vulnerable group,
  • They will set an example for others to emulate,
  • They will become producers and not just consumers.
  • Donors will not have to dump aid on them anymore,
  • Companies will have better options for CSR,
  • Individuals will have better ways to make contributions to orphans,
  • Cameroon will become a safe heaven for orphans, and, Aid and charity will now become sustainable.
  • At GreenHouse Ventures Foundation, we are putting sustainability to aid and charity. We are modifying the essence of aid. A goal by the year 2020 to set up a greenhouse in over 80% of the orphanages in Cameroon.


Our greenhouses have a lifespan of 10+ years and depending on its use. This will assure that the greenhouses will continue to be impactful to the orphans and the orphanage for more than a decade.

In the beginning, the Foundation will provide the orphans and their management with seeds for planting as well as training for best cultivation practices. For the first two years, Greenhouse ventures will constantly monitor and evaluate the progress of their activities to assure success and continuity. The company will also provide a market to buy back any excesses from the orphans.

Production capacities within a greenhouse can vary but on the average, a greenhouses will produce over 3000kgs of fruits like tomatoes per year. And these greenhouses can be used to grow a wide variety of produce to be consumed by the orphans and for sale. This way, they will be able to consume and sell any excesses. They will make and manage money in the process thereby enabling them to become self-sustainable. In the process they are also building capacities that will be transferable into other sustainable avenues such as managing a small business on their own. Greenhouse Ventures is also willing to provide these orphans with internship and job opportunities when they are ready.